Oktoberfest Celebrations in Astoria

Prime Locations to Craft Your Beer Belly

With summer now far in the rear-view mirror, it’s safe to say that your gut can afford to take a few…risks. And that’s great! Just in time for Oktoberfest, where our calorically rich friend, beer, is at the forefront of the month. Need some suggestions on how to partake? Check out our recommendations below.

Alewife Brewing

We’re going to start off with a heavy hitter; this place takes beer seriously. Like, completely and utterly so. They’ve got a beer blog and everything. Alewife brews a selection of its own craft beer (which you can read about on the blog) and offers you the choice of sitting down at their large outdoor seating space with a mandatory oversized pretzel or taking a beer or four to go. Not feeling the trip over to the brewery? No problem. Alewife also offers delivery all over New York City, so if one of their originals catches your interest, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to set up a second meeting.

41-11 39th St., Sunnyside | @alewifebrewing_taproom

ICONYC Brewing

Reservations aren’t necessary at this prime location for sourcing your beer fix – indoor and outdoor seating make for a spacious location to indulge in a similarly grand menu. Twelve different options of liquid gold are offered here, including a hearty IPA section. And within each selection is a choice of modestly priced sizes: 5oz ($3.00), 10oz ($5.00), 16oz ($7.00), 32oz Crowler ($14.00), and 64oz pitchers ($25.00) for most menu items, and a hike of a buck or two for a handful of other beers. Better yet, ICONYC has a selection of food pop-ups on-site to accompany your selection of drinks – make sure to check their Instagram for daily updates. The cherry on top? Dogs are welcome here, so bring your pup if you don’t feel like leaving him or her at home.

43-63 11th St. | @iconycbrewing

Max Bratwurst und Bier

How could one build an Oktoberfest list without including a restaurant of Germanic inclination? If you want a truly authentic experience this month, head over to Max Bratwurst und Bier (don’t think you’ll need Google translate for that one) to chow down on a few of their German classics like schnitzels, sausages, specialty desserts, and more. Oh, and their beer menu takes up almost two entire pages with an option for every set of taste buds. The huge standout? “Das Boot,” a 2-liter glass boot filled with a beer of your choice.

4702 30th Ave. | 718.777.1635 | @maxbratwurst


Keeping it authentic for two entries in a row, this Long Island City beer garden provides German offerings such as the Giant Bavarian Pretzel with homemade dips, sausage platters, Kaiser Schnitzels, and German beer-battered fried apples for dessert. But wait until you reach the double-sided drink menu which features lagers and ciders and beers (oh my!), among many more options. The choices are plentiful as they range from German classics to more contemporary brews, but your go-to might be the “Beer Flight” – a sampler of four different beers that arrives at your table with a very Instagram-able display.

12-23 Jackson Ave. | 718.361.9333 | @bierocracy

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Well, what can we say? This isn’t just a spot, but the spot. A favorite not just of Astorians, but New Yorkers of any borough, Bohemian Hall is old enough to be a historical landmark, and has been leaving patrons happy throughout its entire existence. And no surprise here, but…they’ve got beer; a selection of over ten drafts that rotates throughout the year. Grub featuring Czech favorites is also offered at this enormous eatery that harbors extensive outdoor seating and is one of the best experiences in the neighborhood. But words can’t do this place justice. So if for some reason you haven’t made a trip down already, there’s no better time than this month.

29-19 24th Ave. | 718.274.4925 | @bohemianhallbeergarden