Shape Up Astoria, Your Guide to The Best Fitness in 2024! Our favorite classes and gyms to get you into shape this new year.

New year, new you? If getting into better shape was your resolution for 2024, fret not, you’re not alone. While dragging yourself to the gym before or after a long day in the cold weather might not seem appealing, fortunately, there are plenty of fun fitness options in the neighborhood to help you reach your fitness goals.

Check out Give Me Astoria’s go-to workouts and classes to help you stay in shape and stay inspired!

BQE Fitness

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BQE is fast becoming one of the most popular gyms in the area, and with good reason. The gym borders multiple neighborhoods, from Astoria and LIC to Woodside and Elmhurst. The fitness center is quite large, approximately 45,000 sq.ft. and truly offers something for everyone. BQE offers a basketball court, boxing rooms, cardio center, an aerobics and spin studio, TRX machines, a functional training area, and much, much more. The gym is open seven days a week, from morning until night. Be sure to come hungry, as BQE Fitness also has its own kitchen and juice bar on premises known as Pure Eats.

26-50 Brooklyn Queens Expressway / @bqefitness

Club Fitness

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Conveniently located right next to the Broadway subway station, Club Fitness offers its members a no-frills, quality gym experience. Voted best gym in Queens for 10+ years in a row by TALK, Club Fitness contains amenities ranging from a sauna, cafe, separate cardio area, personal training and even massage therapists on premises. Both private training and group classes are part of the Club Fitness experience. Affordable, open daily, and with over 40,000 sq. ft. to enjoy your workout in, Club Fitness is Astoria’s premier classic gym.

31-11 Broadway / @clubfitnessny

Rock Fitness

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When it comes to Astoria’s own Rock Fitness, believe the hype. Their slogan is ‘be more, do more’ for a reason, as this facility strives to bring top tier training to the neighborhood. In addition to its strength training and cardio equipment, Rock Fitness also presents a variety of fun, fat burning classes catered to all. Try building your core in the weekly Core + Abs class. Or, if you’re looking for a class that’s sure to work your entire body, the Rock Body Boot Camp is also offered twice a week, in addition to other dance, abs, and strength training classes. Indulge in healthy treats, such as wellness shots, fresh juices, and other protein-filled snacks at the delicious Rock Bar, too!

22-06 31st St. / @rockastoria

The Row Astoria

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The Row prides itself on being welcoming and non-pretentious, with a workout designed to strengthen your entire body. This fitness center offers classes designed for small groups to improve strength, flexibility, and the core. The Row combines circuit training along with Concept 2 rowing machines. However, don’t be fooled by its name, The Row is not just about rowing. The Row also offers a variety of training classes, from the popular Hits NYC, a one-hour kickboxing class combined with cardio machines, to R&B Flow, which focuses on core, cardio, and yoga.

1825 26th Rd. / @therowastoria

Bout Boxing

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Looking for a challenging boxing class that tests your strength from top to bottom, but that really just makes you feel accomplished? Bout Boxing offers a full body workout, claiming that each class burns 1,000 calories, in the form of boxing. Each individual class is made up of twelve 3-minute rounds, which include jumping rope, combination throws on Bout’s boxing bags, and footwork. The boxing studio prides itself on its intimate class sizes, offering the opportunity for participants to really learn proper form and technique. All boxing levels are welcome, and gear such as gloves and wraps are offered for rent on premises. 

10-93 Jackson Ave. / @boutboxingusa

CrossFit Queens

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Looking for a workout experience that will keep you accountable and motivated in reaching your fitness goals? Then, CrossFit is definitely the workout for you. With over 50 years of combined fitness experience, this location’s trainers love what they do and it shows. The CrossFit facility presents its clients with the support and inclusivity they need in order to look and feel their best. CrossFit Queens’ location offers 4,500 sq. ft. of space with equipment ranging from EchoBikes and a TrueForm runner, to dumbbells, kettlebells, and much, much more. If you’re looking for a space to exercise without judgment and see results, give CrossFit Queens a try!

25-50 31st St. / @crossfitqueens

Fit Club

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot 2404 Dr. Kellen Scantlebury NYC DPT @dr.kels • Instagram photos and videos
Image via @dr.kels • Instagram

Fit Club is Astoria’s offers its members not just the opportunity to get a quality workout in, but individualized physical therapy to prevent injury or strain. The goal of Fit Club is to get you looking and feeling your strongest through top quality physical therapy, without the assistance of medication. Fit Club offers services such as sports massages, personal training, aquatic therapy, 30-minute sports recovery sessions, prenatal and postpartum physical therapy, and blood flow restriction training (BFR). Bonus? If you would rather do physical therapy within the comfort of your own space, Fit Club also offers virtual physical therapy sessions online. Specialties for physical therapy at Fit Club include hip injuries, knee pain, back pain, and neck and shoulder pain.

21-03 31st Ave. / @fitclubny

Form50 Fitness

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With locations in Miami and throughout New York, FORM50 aims to be the best 50 minutes of the day for all who walk through its doors. FORM50 uses the combination of functional movement with low-impact interval training (LIIT) via its Megaformer custom equipment.  This scientifically-backed approach to working out promotes weight loss all the while minimizing the risk of injury. FORM50’s sleek design and party playlists actually make working out fun, and is definitely nothing like your average Pilates class.

31-57 31st St. / @form50fitness

Forte Lab

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Forte Lab is Astoria’s go-to destination for both strength training, and the necessary recovery after. One thing is for sure, and that’s that Forte Lab is certainly not your average fitness studio. Participants should expect hands-on training with the utmost care. Classes range from strength training and conditioning, to yoga and stretch, and much more. Personal training is also an option for those who prefer a one-on-one approach to fitness. In addition to classes, Forte Lab offers services such as an infrared sauna and cold plunge therapy in its state-of-the-art recovery lab.

38-05 20th Ave. / @fortelabnyc

Lagree NY

Image via Instagram (@lagree.ny)

In search of a low impact workout that’s certain to burn off those holidays calories in time for summer? Lagree NY is your next workout destination. Each class is 50 minutes long, and is comprised of a total body workout using the renowned Megaformer machine.

The Lagree Method is practiced on the megaformer incorporating strength and endurance training , flexibility and core. Either way, your muscles are sure to be activated! This workout class is designed to work the bulk of the body’s muscles in a safe, welcoming manner with highly trained instructors who aim to devote time during each class to make sure attendees get the most out of their Megaformer workout. With a friendly atmosphere, clean environment, and expertly-led classes, it’s no wonder why all fitness levels feel encouraged to try. Be prepared to look and feel stronger this 2024!

27-11 23rd Ave. / @lagree.ny

Hardknox Astoria

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Consisting of trainers boasting 30+ years of experience in the martial arts field, Hardknox has become Astoria’s go-to destination for learning martial arts and self-defense. There are a wide array of programs offered on premises, available for both adults and children, beginning at age 5. From boxing and muy thai to its own tactical urban fighting foundations (T.U.F.F.) class, Hardknox has something for everyone looking to learn more about martial arts. Classes range from approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Memberships to join Hardknox vary, and range from drop-ins to monthly passes, and even class and gym memberships. Personal training is also available for customers who are interested.

37-20 Astoria Blvd. / @hardknoxastoria

Movement LIC

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Perhaps a way to jumpstart your fitness routine this new year involves a climb. Where better to start than Movement LIC? Movement, formerly known as The Cliffs, presents a community of all climbing levels, there to support each other through each climb. Movement LIC has a class for each climbing level, from the introductory intro to climbing, followed by intro to technique, to more advanced lessons such as lead climbing and outdoor prep. This climbing center also strives to promote inclusivity. Private coaching is also available for those looking for one-on-one instruction.

11-11 44th Dr. / @movementlic

Ninja Bear

Image via Instagram (@ninjabearnyc)

Combining top-of-the-line technology with an emphasis on the importance of physical health, Ninja Bear takes fitness to the next level. This fitness center is members only, and offers all members an individualized training regimen. What separates Ninja Bear from its competition is its focus on not just a tailored workout, but the testing and recovery methods offered on location. Amenities at Ninja Bear include a cold plunge, sauna, a Styku 3D body scanner, PNOE metabolic testing, and much more. If you’re looking to stay true to the ‘new year, new me’ resolution, then look no further than Astoria’s own Ninja Bear.

35-52 32nd St. / @ninjabearnyc

NY Martial Arts Academy

Image via Instagram (@newyorkmartialartsacademy)

With locations in Brooklyn, Long Island, and beyond, the NY Martial Arts Academy presents those interested with martial arts training for all ages. At NY Martial Arts Academy, there isn’t just a focus on the physical, but on the mental as well, following the Jeet Kune Do method that was developed by none other than Bruce Lee. Programs available include lessons for children, adults, and even one-on-one training. Learn self-defense, discipline all in a respectful, welcoming environment at the New York Martial Arts Academy. If you are interested, be certain to sign up for a free trial class!

25-06 Broadway / @newyorkmartialartsacademy

Salsa in Queens

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What better way to bring in the new year than by dancing? Salsa in Queens presents plenty of opportunities to learn the art of dancing, all while being sure to burn some calories in the process! The best part? This dance school has something for all levels of dance, from beginners to advanced. Classes range from different styles of Latin dance such as Salsa and Bachata, and include other types of dance and technique lessons and workshops ranging from the Cha Cha to even techniques on spinning. Packages are available, as well as drop-in offers for those interested in learning more about Salsa in Queens.

34-27 Steinway St.  / @salsainqueens

Yoga Agora

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Yoga Agora is Astoria’s premier destination for all things yoga for a reason. This yoga studio makes fitness and wellness accessible for all, even offering donation-based classes. The breathtaking space is located right near the Broadway subway station, and provides an airy environment sure to make each yoga student feel relaxed and present. Classes are offered for all levels, and include not just yoga classes, but lessons in meditation as well. Pricing is set at $10, unless donation-based is indicated upon registering. Walk-ins are also welcome. Unwind, breathe, and stretch it out at Astoria’s own Yoga Agora.

33-02 Broadway / @yoga_agora

Be sure to grab a friend and get moving!