Where to Celebrate National Coffee Day in Astoria

Shout-out to the best part of waking up: Coffee!

These coffee shops have a serious reputation for making stellar coffee and giving you that much-needed boost for early morning hours, as well as carrying you through those never-ending afternoons. To celebrate National Coffee Day, we’re rounding up where to find the best “cup of joe” in Astoria. Are you ready to up your coffee game?

Moa Coffee

Moa uses the fine La Colombe beans, which are also available for sale at their coffee shop. For their delicious drip coffee, they usually use a dark roast, but in the wintertime, they offer a medium roast to switch it up. Customer’s choice! For their espresso-based drinks, a medium roast with a nice chocolate taste is a huge hit, and one of their more unique offerings is the Oatmilk Draft Latte: a combination of cold brew and draft. If you’re feeling daring, swap out regular milk with their macadamia milk – you’ll thank us later!

43-04 30th Ave. | 929.328.0043 | @moacoffeenyc

Coffee Cloud

This Greek coffee shop is the perfect stopping point if you’re in the neighborhood. Try their traditional Greek coffee or a simple, yet delicious espresso. A distinctive feature of theirs is that you can add Chagaccino, Collagen, or Keto Extra (Ghee butter and MCT oil) to all drinks, which makes your caffeine fix a healthy one!

21-34 Broadway | 203.930.7070 | @coffeecloudnyc

Sweet Habit

Ah, what a wondrous coffee place this is! A Greek-inspired café that only sells the very best Artisan coffees, their signature drink is a Freddo Cappuccino: an iced version of this otherwise hot and delectable coffee drink. Seasonal lattes are available here, too, and I’m not just talking about the usual pumpkin spice, but flavors like black and white s’mores and a cinnamon bun. How can anyone say no?

45-11 Broadway | 347.527.2602 | @sweethabitny

Mighty Oak Roasters

Their pride is coffee and it shows (or should I say, tastes?). Their coffees consist of an international mix, with most blends using components from East Africa, Central/South America, and Indonesia. Their single-origin coffees, coming from individual farms, are a must-try and rotate throughout the year. We learned all this amazing info from the Roastmaster General himself, Sean! Yes, that’s an actual (dream) job and we’re loving it. Everything is roasted in-house and they are the only wood-fired roaster in NY, an overall rarity in the US. It’s all about the coffee here, folks! Simplicity and dedication to the craft is key and what makes them such a hit among coffee addicts.

28-01 24th Ave. | 718.777.9663 | @mightyoakroasters

Under Pressure Espresso Bar

This chic, modern espresso bar uses mainly Guatemala beans for their coffees, but you can choose from a great variety of others, with an emphasis on specialty coffees from all around the world. It’s got a hip vibe, gearing towards a young crowd, but it’s also a great place for senior coffee connoisseurs, who can appreciate classics like a well-done Cortado: an equal mix of espresso and warm milk. Delicioso!

30-92 31st St. | 718.433.9380 | @up_espresso_bar


A neighborly café that makes mingling easy and comfortable, Sonbobs’ beans of choice come straight from the Italian distributor, Porto Rico Coffee. In addition, Sonbobs sells alcohol, which is unique for a coffee shop; with their signature drink being a fruity Champagne Pomegranate Sangria. However, their regular coffee is wonderfully smooth in taste and always a hit. Pair it with one of their sweet treats, like a mango cupcake with passionfruit frosting, and your day is made!

34-15 28th Ave. | 347.527.2217 | @sonbobs_coffeehouse

Café de Colombia

This is an amazing family-owned coffee shop with Latin American roots at its finest! They pride themselves in serving and selling original Colombian coffee, which is some of the best you’ll find. The coffee is roasted in small batches only, which guarantees freshness and a great quality taste. Their cakes and various other pastries on display will make a nice addition to your morning sip!

30-27 Steinway St. | 347.418.2906 | @3coffeeroasters