No Fear Here: The Barn Coffee Shop Keeps It In The Community

Photo/The Barn Coffee Shop
The Barn Coffee Shop, located at 26-08 Hoyt Avenue S, was opened by Maria Ramos & Eric Gonzalez who each had a dream of opening their own restaurant. With a shared passion for good food and quality service, as well as Ramos’ expertise as a graduate from the Art Institute of NYC in Restaurant Management and Culinary Studies, the married duo decided to pursue their lifelong goal. After much consideration, they ultimately went for it and opened The Barn in July 2020. Ramos has been a lifelong resident of Astoria, and Eric was excited to bring his Brooklyn upbringing to Queens.

“The concept is to bring quality and fresh (farm to table) items and give our customers an experience and not just feed them or make them coffee. We wanted a community coffee shop where we know our customers names, where we can be of any service to them. Where we can brighten up a day with knowing we are there”, said Ramos. Both Ramos & Gonzalez felt where better to bring this to life than Astoria?

The Barn prides itself on its fresh seasonal items, which its team has perfected to crafting unique menu items, such as The Barn’s best selling cold brew coffee, freshly-made smoothies and B.C.E.A. (bacon, cheese, egg, and avocado) sandwich. The owners of The Barn are grateful to the Astoria community for showing support from the very beginning. “The best word to describe it is, blessed! The saying “when something is meant for you the universe conspires in your favor” describes our experience. We have been very blessed in meeting precise people, in having our family, friends and community support us from the beginning. When you love what you are doing everything that you give comes right back at you. And it has been a great experience we keep learning from everyday”, shared Ramos.

Photo/The Barn Coffee Shop

The Barn Coffee Shop

26-08 Hoyt Ave. S