Astoriana Diosa del Taco is now open!

Great news for those who love Mexican food: Astoriana, the neighborhood’s newest addition, is now open!

Astoriana Diosa del Taco is located at 22-35 31st St. in the space which was once occupied by the now-closed QWNS Cafe. The restaurant is officially open as of this week.

Diners can expect an array of well-known dishes, such as Astoriana’s classic 4″ corn tortilla street tacos for $3.50 per taco. There are also the special Astoriana tacos, which consist of a 6″ corn tortilla with fillings such as pork belly, lamb, and veggies for $6.50 per taco.

Wishing Astoriana Diosa del Taco much success! If you would like to learn more about Astoriana’s menu, you may visit its official website here.