Meet the mind behind House of Mars: Marijana Sprajc

Fashion: one of the most effective ways of expressing one’s personality without saying a word. Take, for instance, something as simple as a jean jacket; how do I keep it simple but still make it my own? That’s where Marijana Sprajc, otherwise known as the mind behind House of Mars, comes in!

Image via Marijana Sprajc.

“Fashion should be serving the person who’s wearing it” says Marijana Sprajc, and when viewing the various projects she’s worked on under House of Mars since its inception in 2016, the various personalities behind each custom-made item of clothing shines through. Having worked for years in multi-national corporate fashion entities, Sprajc knows firsthand the disservice mainstream fashion does for the average shopper.

She decided to pursue her passion for fashion & design by beginning her own jewelry line, influenced by her Croatian heritage and folk fashion of the region. A few years ago, Sprajc decided to revisit her initial love: designing custom clothing and accessories. From this, the concept behind House of Mars was born. 

“You have to love what you do, if you want to do something special, you have to love what you’re doing”, says Sprajc with a smile. Astoria-based, she is looking forward to continuing her work with clientele with similar fashion interests and wants, in addition to expanding that base. 

Image via Marijana Sprajc.

Her work is based on each individual’s clients needs and wants. Recently, she’s had a client come in to salvage their favorite pair of gloves, a task which Sprajc was happy to take on. She has also designed custom clothing for attendees of the annual Mermaid Parade at Coney Island, performers, and even sword-eaters!

Wishing Marijana Sprajc & House of Mars much continued success! If you would like to view more of her work, House of Mars will be featured at the Queens Craft Brigade on this Sunday, December 15th. Additionally, you may visit House Of Mars’ official website here