Loving learning at LiteracyWorx Lab

With school back in session and daily routines starting up again, it becomes easy to get overwhelmed by the stress of it all. Where can my child get the extra attention they deserve? How do I find an instructor outside of school that I can actually entrust with my child’s academic success? Insert LiteracyWorx Lab, an ambitious and innovative new academic center with an aim to help students in the neighborhood succeed in all aspects of learning, specifically reading and writing.

LiteracyWorx Lab was founded by veteran educator Millie Mojica, an Astoria resident of over 30+ years. Alongside Mojica at the forefront of this new concept is Laura Campanella, the center’s Marketing & Communications Executive, English & Test Prep Coach, who also happens to be an Astoria resident with ties to the neighborhood spanning five generations and eight decades.

Currently, LiteracyWorx offers multiple programs and classes with a focus on literacy, while utilizing the most up-to-date classroom technology. The inspiration to incorporate technology into the LiteracyWorx class programs is drawn from Mojica’s studies as an educator in Hong Kong, where she analyzed the relationship between students and their academic devices.

One such program is the K-12 Afterschool Homework Café, where students have the opportunity to work with a learning coach to complete homework, projects, and other research necessary for their classwork. Another is the College Paper Writing Workshop, where high school students learn to write at a college level. The third is the Creative Writing Workshop, where students will practice their creative writing skills in a comfortable and welcoming learning environment.

In addition to the above-mentioned literacy programs, LiteracyWorx Lab offers Language & Culture Labs, for all levels in languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, and Greek taught by language experts. The motivation behind the Language & Culture Lab sessions is to highlight the diversity and community aspect behind Astoria and its surrounding neighborhoods.

LiteracyWorx Lab continues to accept students, and is looking forward to welcoming students and parents alike. LiteracyWorx Lab is located within the Falchi Building, at 31-00 47th Avenue. To learn more about LiteracyWorx Lab, you may visit their website here.