Get Out of a Hairy Situation: European Wax Center Visit

While the chilly weather is a Stark reminder that winter is coming, the occasional adventure requiring some personal grooming does crop up. The European Waxing Center on Steinway Street offers various options if wielding the blade yourself is not your fancy. We made an appointment but EWC does welcome walk-ins.

Be prepared for terrible puns, we are waxed and ready to go!

Image Via Yelp

Upon entering, you are sandwiched between a brightly lit wall of their specialty products and a receptionist’s table. After checking in, your esthetician leads you into a private room. Get ready to do some core workout and leg lifts, depending on your choice of body parts.

Their services include anywhere from the face down to the intimate areas, female or male. The fantastic thing about the EWC is how they remove those pesky hairs. They use hard wax, which means there are no strips involved. This means that as it dries, there is no attachment to the skin so when they pull, skin cells remain attached. Also when you are ready to leave, you have no need for the crab walk from stickiness of your parts still slightly stuck together.

Their method of first cleansing then waxing, helps exfoliate the skin for maximum removal and protects the skin from having anything stuck to it. The ladies at EWC also do not double dip their sticks which sanitary-wise, is a great thing.

If you are a first-timer at EWC, make sure you mention this! They offer a welcome discount that does not make you want to pull your own hair out. They do that for you and for many of the services, at the low cost of free. For those who have visited EWC locations before, packages are the way to go. These can be used at any of the locations and never expire, very useful if you find yourself tangled up somewhere.

Don’t worry, we will not wax on anymore.

Located on: 30-19 Steinway Street,

give it a try for yourself.


*Featured Image Via Wax Center/Yelp