A Taste Of Mexico At Chela & Garnacha

Starting off as a taco food truck, Mexico Blvd, the Guinchard family worked very hard for three years until through sheer determination they finally opened up a spot to call their home. And so Chela & Garnacha was born.

Image: Raysa L/Yelp

Image: Raysa L/Yelp

It’s not big, by any standards, but for what it is, it’s everything you may need in a new place to try. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, nothing over the top or too fancy to make you feel uncomfortable.

The tables are green, there’s dark wooden walls and pink, yellows and aquas thrown about here and there for that all important Mexican feel.

It’s chill and in turn you find yourself just as chill. The menu, just like the chef behind it is not your typical Mexican menu. It’s filled with creative alternatives to classic comforts.

Have you tried Chela & Garnacha yet?

The service is quality, which is always a plus. Too often in Astoria these days there are places that forego on the service and instead give you quick answers and leave you wondering if you did something wrong to upset the staff.

Image: Jenna R/Yelp

Image: Jenna R/Yelp

It’s always pleasant to find a place that doesn’t oversell itself. The staff are always freindly and don’t mind surprising you with something new. For a drink, grab a traditional spicy Margarita, providing the kick you need to digest the meal and get the rest of the night on the way.

And the prices you may ask, affordable we will say, especially for what’s served, quality food with clear passion behind the hands that make it.

All in all Chela & Garnacha is a humble Mexican restaurant that has a lot to offer those willing to give it a try.

Bon Appetite Astoria!

Where: 33-09 36th Ave. Astoria, NY 11106

Phone: (917) 832-6876


*Featured Image: Aka K/Yelp