What’s On Offer At Flattops?


Image Via Flattops/Instagram

The brains behind Astoria’s very popular and delicious Queens Comfort are now also the brains behind Astoria’s new restaurant, Flattops.

Hip hop themed menu and with a retro punk atmosphere, and we haven’t even gotten to the pinball machines.

You can find it on 33-06 Ditmars Blvd, and it’s opening is this month, July 16th, when Astorians will be treated to hopefully some as delicious as Queens Comfort food, along with vintage arcage games like X-Men and more…

However if you can’t wait for the official party, than you can still grab a bit most days from 5 to 10PM.

How’s the menu lookin you ask? I shall tell you, the menu is looking quite nice, with Pastrami bombs, Ghetto Blasters, southern fried chicken patties, Gruyere and Chinese mustard, apricot short rib sliders, crisp golden potatoes and more.

Like the Gucci Mane Burger, a sizzling beef patty with raspberry jam, Cap n Crunch crusted bacon, Gruyere and French toast brioche.

Image Via Flattops/Instagram

Or perhaps you would rather take a bite out of the Murda Burger, with tasty blue cheese melted over a chicken patty and granny smith apples.

If you’re a vegetarian not to fret, the Fat Beets Burger will keep that appetite tight.

And to wash it all down order a round of Purple Drink, originating in the hip hop community out of Houston, Texas.

Either way, this place looks like a must try for any foodies out there looking for something new and unique.

With places like this popping up all over Astoria, we’re fast becoming the restaurant capitol of the world.

Bon Appetite Astoria!

Where: 33-06 Ditmars Blvd

Image Via Flattops/Instagram

*Featured Image Via Flattops/Instagram