Shuya Cafe de Ramen Is Just, Amazing!

shuya M.jpg

Shuya only recently opened its doors, and already it’s making waves among the foodies of New York.

The Japanese Ramen cafe is fast becoming a must try for any New Yorkers who love looking for fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine.

Bringing you back to Tokyo, this place is a taste above the rest. It’s Ramen is arguably some of the best in the city, with an explosion of flavor and amazing broth coupled with handmade noodles that are not only thicker and slightly shorter than usual but are also absolutely delicious and chewy in just the right way.

The layout is quite small and unique in it’s simplicity. It doesn’t pretend to be something else, and merely just is. Simple and clean with a single poster at the end of the light shaded wooden bar, stating 4 simply words; ‘Shuya Life Design Lab‘.

This plain and sweet character is only contrasted by the cheerfully happy and intuitive staff that are nothing but smiles as they always show up at just the right time (holding a steaming bowl of mouthwatering Ramen).

And while you slurp on your Ramen you can sip on your own tea with free refills to match.

Needless to say we’re fans, big ones, and if Shuya isn’t on your list of places to eat in NYC then you’ve got the wrong list.

So grab a friend or two and get to Shuya.


Where: 42-13 Broadway, Astoria.

Phone: (718) 777-0430


*Featured Image Via Shuya/Yelp