Last Minute Presents!


So you got lazy did you? Thought you'd wait a little bit, better leave it till you found that one present you wanted to get? And now it's almost Christmas and you got nothing!

Well fear not, we got your back. Here's a couple great places and great ideas to run out and get for your significant other/family member or just a friend, before time runs out. 


Retail/Home Decor:


For all your modern home-goods and eclectic variety of gifts, decor, toys & clothes, Lockwood is the place for you. Help decorate someone elses home, or sprouce up their wardrobe this Winter. 

Where: 32-15 33rd St

Phone: (718) 626-6030



Chateau Le Woof

Well now if you happen to have a little someone special that's furry and cute, why not get them a little something too? At Astoria's newest addition Chateau Le Woof, you'll be able to reward your little bundle of barks with some realy cool doggy food, goodies, treats and toys. 

Where: 30-2 14th St.

Phone: (718) 626-9663


Green Thumb:

Crystal Gardens

Their small, their green and their pretty darn awesome. These little gardnes in glass bowls are a perfect gift for those wishing to put a little extra in their decor. Crystal Gardens is quite the addictive place to shop. Once you buy one little bowl of flora, you won't be able to stop. 

Where: 31-18 Broadway, New York, 11106

Phone: (917) 201-0376



Seasoned Art

For those who have an affinity for all things creative and artistic, Seasoned Art is the place to go. Does your significant other have a bare wall? Or does your mom love adorning every inch of the home with paintings? Either way, if you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, then arts always the way to go. Who can turn down a portrait? 

Where: 30-05 43rd St.


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