Bagel Anyone?

Let’s face it, it’s not New York without a bagel. Cream cheese, maybe a little egg and bacon, maybe some jam, or just plain up. You can’t go wrong. So here’s just some of our favorite places to order bagels around town.

Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company:

Packed full of choices, this is definitely on anyones map. Whether you’re dropping in for lunch or in need of a hangover cure. Be warned, they do pack on the cream cheese! Which may not be a bad thing.

Where: 35-05 Broadway, Astoria

Phone: 718-204-0141


The Bagel House

Well it may not look like a winner from the outside, but it most certainly is inside. The Bagel House is a quaint little place, known for some very fresh ingredients. Good selection of cheeses and the bagels are fresh and tasty. Definitely worth a try.

Where: 3811 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria

Phone: 718-726-1869


Bagel Nosh

Located in the heart of Broadway, this little bagel shop is always busy, yet the lines are never waiting too long. Service is quick and the bagels are on point, and cheaper. They really do thicken up the cream, so again, you can always ask for less. And if the owners there, you’re always in for a smile.

Where: 3207 Broadway, Astoria

Phone: 718-777-0997



The go to spot where you know you’ll be getting a fresh, filling, quality bagel. Lot’s-O-Bagels is perfect for breakfast. They close pretty early so you gotta get in early. And because of the renovations, it’s now a great place to sit down with a laptop and enjoy some nice coffee and bagel.

Where: 3005 Broadway, Astoria

Phone: 718-267-7777



Well this is quite a different type of bagel place. The main selling product is of course, bagels, but they also do Korean food (and quite well).

So if you don’t fancy one of their bagels, try the Omelat Rice, or L.A. GALBI (Korean marinated BBQ beef short ribs).

But if you wanna stick to bagels then they have the lot, including their mini gourmet bagels. Try the nutella, simple, sweet, and bagelicious.

Where: 3113 30th Ave, Astoria

Phone: 718-932-1425

*Featured Image Via FoodNetwork.