Astoria Co-Op Buildings Still Without Gas Or Hot Water!


Since April, 8 of the 16 buildings in Acropolis Gardens on Ditmars have been without gas or hot water, leaving residence frustrated and without any answers as to when they would be fixed.

The reason, given by Con Edison, was for ‘illegal hookups’, reported DNAinfo.

But months later some are finally seeing the end to the struggle, with only 4 buildings left without gas and hot water.

Those left without, are unable to shower or use their stoves, leaving them angry and confused as to why it was taking so long for their building to be restored.


According to DNAinfo, the co-op board of the buildings reported that delays for the restoration were caused by obstacles and road blocks from Con Edison along with the Department of Buildings.

However, the Board is looking to bring back the gas and hot water to a building per week, hoping to get everyone back on in another month.


One tenant told DNAinfo that the latest problems are just one of many that have been occurring in the complex. Broken locks to the courtyards and malfunctioning security cameras have also been issues.


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