Appetizingly, Mouth-Watering Cuisine…. Anyone for La Rioja?

Conveniently placed on Broadway and steps to the Subway, if you haven’t stumbled onto it by now, then you’re walking in all the wrong places.

Spanish cuisine from the very north to the deep south, enriched in tradition and amalgamated with a zesty glaze of Executive Chef Jose Ignacio Sanchez’ modern touch.

La Rioja!larioja_fondo

As soon as you step through the glass doors, you’re sprinkled with a mellow golden hue, rustic brick and wooden atmosphere that brings the ambiance into relax mode. Pull up a chair and choose the mood.

If you’re getting away for some drinks, wanna chill, and drift away with friends to endless conversation, then order a couple pitchers of Sangria , and let the pleasant staff of La Rioja fill the table with a varied array of Tapas. As yours truly most certainly did.

Some of my favorites, Pulpo a la Vinagreta (Octopus with vinaigrette sauce), melting in your mouth is an understatement with this delectably delightful dish. Pincho Sierra y Mar (Spicy Chorizo & Shrimps) a dish to sizzle the tongue with the Chorizo, the Shrimps becoming a freshly pleasant surprise. And Dátiles con Bacón (Dates w/Bacon), as in, dates wrapped with bacon. Yes, wrapped. Because everything is better when wrapped in bacon, right? Right!?

While you’re at it, grab a platter of cheeses, from Castilla Sheep Milk, to Galicia Cow Milk, each bursting with flavor as they coat soft and aromatic tastes onto your palate.

And if Tapas aren’t enough, then choose a Paella.

Personal favorite, Paella de Carne (Chicken-Pork-Sausage and Beans). Side of bread (warm enough to melt butter) for dipping and a bottle of red, good to go, Ole!

So, if you’re looking for drinks, a list of delicious choices and a decorum to match, then pull up a chair at La Rioja.

Nice staff, great food, reasonable price.

33-05 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106, United States
+1 718-932-0101

Bon Appatite Astoria!