The Best Coffee Shop in Astoria is…

Astoria Coffee! Very fitting, right?



Astoria Coffee was founded by coffee-couple Dennis Lee and Liz Wick, born from their passion for hospitality. Dennis spent time teaching earth science and music in New York City public schools, as well as building guitars, and Liz is a practice manager at a retina surgeons office. So why pick the coffee business?


Dennis tells us that he and Liz met at a coffee shop – the kind of coffee shops that aren’t really found anymore, with friendly, familiar faces and an environment that promotes community. This, mixed with their experience in their service industry, led them to the coffee shop world.


The coffee shop has only been open since June of last year, but it’s garnered a huge following. There’s a few things we really love about the spot. The big windows allow for an open feeling, and the space with its yellow accents always puts a smile on our face. Dennis and Liz are both great – they treat everyone like old friends, and Dennis makes a killer latte.



They also have fun events, like Drunk Vocab Bees, which are exactly what they sound like: a drunk vocabulary contest. This, plus the roasters from all over make them a great choice for Astoria’s best coffee shop! Astorians, we agree. Astoria Coffee is definitely a good top choice!



Astoria Coffee