Proposed Apartments Above C-Town

It looks like C-Town is growing: upwards.


Originally reported by DNAinfo, there are currently plans to build four additional floor above C-Town supermarket, located at 29-10 Broadway. The floors will incorporate apartments, as well as amenities including underground parking and a laundry room.



We’re guessing these apartments are going to be pricey – not only because they’re located in prime Astoria real estate, but because of the amenity inclusions. Parking around Broadway is a pain in itself (we know, our offices are here!), and residents will shell out large sums for convenient, consistent, hassle free parking.


Initial plans for the expansion have been denied – but we’re guessing they’ll come to fruition sooner or later. For reference, some apartments we’ve looked at around Broadway average around $2,500 for a 1 bedroom apartment – and we can only imagine it will go up from there for an apartment complete with amenities.