A2 Interior Studios: Transforming Spaces

There’s a full service boutique interior design studio in Astoria that’s changing the way you see your space. A2 Interiors Studio is shaking up the interior design world, and we had a chance to chat with Vasiliki Zannettis, the studio director.


A2 is located in Astoria, but they identify with the neighborhood as more than just a location – it’s their home, and source of inspiration.


“A lot of businesses will be based out of Astoria, but they’ll focus only on Manhattan,” Vasiliki tellsus, “but it’s always been extremely important for us to really be a part of the community that we’re in.”


They definitely are an important part – one of their latest projects was the gorgeously designed STIX location that opened to lots of fanfare. They’ve also worked on Melrose Ballroom, and the former Cup Diner.


The new STIX Astoria – completely designed by A2!


“I’ve lived here my whole life,” Vasiliki says, “and the partners that began the studio have been here for more than twenty years. For all of us, it’s our personal community – not just where we opened up a space.”


Recently, A2 began working with community institutions like churches and schools – putting their unique flare on nearly any space.


A2 started as an offshoot to Archipelagos, a multidisciplinary practice (get it? A2 – Archipelagos 2!) – but soon took on a life of its own. While Archipelagos has been around for nearly ten years, A2 came about this past May.


“We’re all about interior design,” Vasiliki says, “and everything that goes into that. It’s not just furniture or paint on the walls – it’s every piece that goes into a room.”


As for her personal interior designing love?


Vasiliki tells us, “I really started to love interior design about 7 or 8 years ago. For me, I liked the aspect of envisioning the human body in a space – because design is more about  interacting. I read once that the average human spends something like 85% of their life in an interior spage – and it really stuck with me. I want people to do more than just be inside a space, I want them to connect with it.”


Connection is a big ideal for the design studio as well. As Vasiliki told us, the studio treats each new space as a new world.


“We’re really focused on reflecting the client in each project. It’s about doing more than being cookie cutter, or just going with the latest trends. You want something that is both timeless and current, and individualized – and to get that balance, we have to work closely with each client.”


The Roofbar at Hotel Indigo in Chelsea


Another aspect to think about when doing what’s “trendy,” Vasiliki tells us, is to not worry too much!


“There’s no ‘right design,’ there’s no style that’s more important. Yes, there’s fundamental elements like good flow or good layouts, but when it comes to finishes and details, honestly the most important part is that it has to be appropriate and fit you, your brand or your space. “


A2 is definitely doing something right – they’ve designed everything from restaurants to offices and homes, and don’t show any signs of slowing down.


Cafe Bar, an Astoria classic brought to life by A2


If you’re interested in starting a project with A2, they’re ready to talk! Weekdays from 4-7, they have open hours, where you can walk right in and discuss any concerns or questions you have for your next big interior decorating project!


A2 Interiors Studio
29-28 Newtown Ave.
Astoria, NY 11102
1212 246 6852
[email protected]