A New Dog Park in Astoria?

If you’re a dog owner in Astoria, you know quite well that there’s no acceptable dog run in Astoria. If you’re not a dog owner, you might be thinking: “Wait, haven’t I seen one?” And you’d be right.


Currently, Astoria has a dog park: Bugsy’s Dog Run in Astoria Park. The park, on its best days, is unkempt and dirty. On its worst days, its downright dangerous.


Here’s what some Astorians on Yelp have to say about the park:


Ramunas B. said, “I wish I could give this dog park more than 3 stars. This park needs some work. The fences are rusted and breaking. The ground has sharp rocks, I’ve seen dogs get their paws cut from the rocks. The community is great and who ever originally built it is awesome for doing it. I just wish the city looked into the park.”


Another reviewer, Jessica S. said, “This dog park is a bit shady to say the least. The fences are made out of a variety of materials and is super broken down. If a dog uses a bit of effort it could easily escape to the water. That being said, it is the ONLY dog park in Astoria. The guy who maintains it, Bugsy, does a good job with his limited resources. Also, the dogs who often come to this park are typically well-behaved and friendly.”


So, it seems that those maintaining the park are trying their best…it’s just not there yet. The reason behind this is that the dog run is city property, and at the moment…it’s not at the top of the city’s list.

Bugsy's Dog Run

Bugsy’s Dog Run


Now, the Astoria Dog Owners Association has set out to once and for all change the dog park. They’ve put together a petition to have a new dog run opened to serve the community. There are two locations they’ve suggested: Triborough Playground B and C – both underneath the Triborough Bridge.


The sites are currently handball and basketball courts – so to create the dog run, these would have to be decommissioned. They’re both located on Hoyt Avenue between Crescent and 23rd Street.

One of the proposed playgrounds. Credit: Jeanmarie Evelly

One of the proposed playgrounds. Credit: Jeanmarie Evelly


The Association cites the fact that the current courts are underutilized – and also that they are large enough that a dog run could just take up a portion of the space.


If approved, the space would be ideal – it is sheltered enough to provide safety from wind and rain, and it is close to Astoria Park.


What do you think? Do you support the idea of a new dog run? Is it something we need?