Waltz-Astoria is Still Carrying On!

If you’re like us, you seriously miss Waltz-Astoria – especially their open mic. While the venue was supposed to move into a new home these past few months, plans fell through and it looks like it will be a while till their doors open again. But fear not – there’s still a chance for you to pour out your soul on an open mic – just in a temporary homes.

Waltz has been hosting pop-up open mics in various venues – most recently at The Astor Bake Shop.

Still playing host to all sorts of singers, comedians, rappers and more, Waltz is doing great at continuing their open mic without a permanent stage. Though it’s a little trickier now, it’s still one of the most amazing showcases of talents in Astoria. Their next pop-up open mic is at PJ Leahy’s in L.I.C. It’s $3 to sign up and perform for members, and $10 for non-members. You can sign up to be a member here.  It’s going to be an awesome event, stop by! You can find more details on the event here. 

Andrea DeJonge, a performer at the open mic

PJ Leahy’s 
50-02 Vernon Boulevard, LIC, NY 11101