Big News on the King of Falafel!

So  our favorite falafel vendor Freddy recently posted this picture on Facebook, with the caption “Looking forward to the new 16 foot Mobile Kitchen that will be replacing the current cart in September,” and you just know we had to find out instantly what the details were.


Freddy told us, like the caption said, he’ll soon be replacing his current cart on Broadway with this upgraded, huge 16 foot mobile kitchen. The kitchen will give him ample space to bring even more tasty creations to the neighborhood. “We’ll have a lot more salad options,” Freddy told us, “That’s one of our biggest goals. We’ll also have more daily specials, as well as winter specials like fresh, hot soups.” They’ll still have all their classic platters, as well.

We can’t wait to see the new platters Freddy’s going to cook up. We love that the King of Falafel’s food is consistently warm, tasty and filling – and it’s quick. Sometimes going out to a sit down restaurant gets difficult for lunch time, and we love knowing we can stop by, get amazing food, a huge smile from Freddy, and chow down, in record time.

Another even more exciting tidbit of news: customers have been asking for delivery forever, and Freddy listened. With the introduction of the new truck, the King of Falafel will finally be available for delivery – which means we’ll be eating shawarma, falafel and huge platters of lamb and chicken waaaay more often.

The opening date for the mobile kitchen is tentatively set for September 15 – but we’ll keep you updated if that changes!