Kicking Off the Games at Scorpio Cafe!

Tomorrow starts the World Cup, and we couldn’t be more excited! At 4:00 p.m the games will commence, with Brazil and Croatia, of Group A, going head to head.

Our pick to watch this first game is at Scorpio Cafe, a Croation cafe and bar that absolutely erupts when the World Cup comes around. Scorpio, located at 35-15 Broadway, has TV screens to watch the game, great drink specials to have some extra fun, and loads of excited fans.

For the first game, Scorpio is expecting a full house, with soccer fans packed to capacity, rooting for the favorite team! On game days you can find everyone chanting and singing, an amazing atmosphere to start off the World Cup with.

We might be rooting for Croatia, just because we like to see the underdogs win! There’s no doubt that Brazil has a phenomenal line up, but Croatia is strong on offense.. so there’s a chance they could take it! Brazil, though, is the current favorite for the lead – their team is phenomenally talented, and they’re not used to losing. They have nearly all their positions perfect, from defense to midfield and a great offense – but Croatia is not to be underestimated. They’re a strong team who are an actual challenge to go against in the first game, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Brazil is sweating a little.

The crowd will be going wild for the first game, and we can’t wait to see who wins this match! Do you think Croatia has what it takes to beat Brazil on their home turf? Or will Brazil refuse to let Croatia come into their city and win? Either way, make sure you catch the game at Scorpio and don’t forget to ask for a free t-shirt! If you stop by and watch the game, Scorpio Cafe has free FIFA World Cup shirts – so you can represent Croatia AND Astoria!


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