Are You Naughty or Nice?

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Holiday shopping has officially commenced, and we Astorians are so spoiled with places to shop and eat that we don’t even have to leave the neighborhood! Whether shopping for family and friends, or getting a little something for yourself, there’s something for everyone. Now the real question is, have you been naughty or nice? If…

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Shopping local in Astoria


There’s no doubt that this time of year is exciting and invigorating! There’s an electric chill in the air that puts an extra pep in our step as we bounce around stores trying to find the perfect gift for the ones we love, during holiday season. But let’s be real. It can also be stressful…

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Costumes and Pumpkins and Pub Crawls Oh My!

Image @itsmesharonfreya Instagram

It’s that time of year, when pumpkin spice fills our cups, leaves crunch under our feet and there’s nothing more relaxing than curling up with your favorite blanket after a long day. But let’s face it, the best part about fall, especially in Astoria is the way we know and love to celebrate Halloween. From…

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The Last Standing BYOB spots

image Tikka Indian Grill via Google

There are no sweeter words in the dining experience than “Bring your own beverage.” Yes BYOB is a little piece of heaven that allows you to bring your favorite wine or beer to accompany your meal. And these days, that acronym seems like a unicorn.  Luckily there are still a few spots in Astoria, LIC…

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A Neighborhood Chock Full of Great Burgers

It’s that time of year where summer heat is synonymous with swimming and grilling, and there is nothing like that July weather to make you crave the perfect cheeseburger. Luckily, there is no shortage of juicy burgers available in this neighborhood, and you don’t need to own a grill to enjoy one.  The only thing…

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Astoria’s second annual Pizza Wars 2022

Pizza. The universal language of love. Have you ever met another human being who doesn’t love pizza? One doesn’t simply like pizza. Our love runs deep, and with each of us comes our favorite ways to indulge. To pineapple or not? Roni cups? Grandma slice? Sicilian or Detroit style? The possibilities are endless, and it…

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Tech Enabled Vet Center Bond Vet Comes to Astoria

The amount of love the community of Astoria has for their pets is immeasurable. Any time of day, you will see all different types of dogs running around Astoria park and catching a frisbee, hanging out at Chateau le Woof for happy hour or joining in a selfie or two for the gram. We also…

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6 best places for Happy Hour in Astoria

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere After a hard day’s work, every Astorian deserves to kick back and relax with a specialty cocktail and some delicious bites. With an eclectic array of both old and new spots to choose from, the perfect happy hour is just around the corner. Grab your cash, your BFF, and keep that…

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The 2nd Annual Athens Square Park Tree Lighting Brings Joy to Astoria

Athens Square Park held its second annual tree lighting on Friday December 3rd, andwhat a way to kick off the holiday season here in Astoria. The park was packed with Astoriansand people from all over New York City who hitched a ride on the N/W to be part of thisfantastic jubilee. Holiday music filled the…

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