Explore Jaguar Cafe Bistro Bar: Astoria’s New Dining and Social Spot on 31st Ave

A new spot on 31st Ave. has come roaring into town. The Jaguar Cafe Bistro Bar has something for everyone. Run by two long-time friends and business partners, Jaguar is sure to make its mark on the neighborhood.

1 Jaguar owners Orfanos and Nisiotis
Jaguar Cafe – owners Orfanos and Nisiotis @jamesdelgenio

Constantinos Orfanos and Vasilis Nisiotis, Jaguar’s owners, have worked in Astoria together for years. Their bond defines the business. Nisiotis is an accomplished mixologist and businessman who owns a restaurant in Greece as well. “I’ve been working all my life in this industry as a barista and bartender. We worked together before. I was the bartender. He was the general manager. He works like a professional.”

6 Jaguar interior
Jaguar Cafe – interior @jamesdelgenio

Orfanos explained it from his perspective, “We met here in Astoria and worked together. We have the same goals and the same style of hospitality. We understand how a cafe/bar/restaurant should work; the style Astoria needs.”

While a cafe bistro bar restaurant might seem like a lot, it’s actually a proven European business model and quite commonly found if you travel to Greece. Orfanos explained that he’s eager for Astorians to try out the more relaxed, unhurried style of dining that Jaguar has to offer. Servers won’t be getting ahead of themselves sweeping your table and rushing you out the door with your check. Instead, Jaguar invites you to take your time and make yourself at home. “You’ll find all-day cafeterias [in Greece]. It’s in the culture. It’s your living room, where you have your lunch, your dinner. It’s a place where you can hang out and have good ambiance,” Orfanos said.

3 Jaguar coffee drinks
Jaguar Cafe – coffee drinks @jamesdelgenio

Jaguar’s menu is certainly impressive. There’s a bit of everything, and everyone can find something to enjoy. This might be the only place in town that serves both classic chicken wings and a crepe suzette. Orfanos smiled as he looked over Jaguar’s extensive and diverse offerings, “We have a little bit of everything without being unbalanced. You could have American European coffee. We have a good breakfast. We’re going to have avocado toast. You can find a tuna tartare on our menu.”

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot 2652 Jaguar Cafe Bistro Bar @jaguar nyc • Instagram photos and videos www.instagram.com
Jaguar Cafe Bistro Bar @jaguar nyc • Instagram

While the menu offers a taste of many different flavors and cultures, Orfanos’ personal preference is for Jaguar’s Greek offerings. “We like to bring Greek culture. We have the Cretan Dakos. It’s a classic. It’s a little taste of Greece. You’ll find it in Crete.” Another Greek staple? The club sandwich, which is also their most popular item on the menu. “It’s very popular in Greece among the young crowd, particularly at the beach,” he said. Orfanos also suggested trying the club’s spiritual cousin, the Jaguar sandwich, which is a more modern take on the club. “The Jaguar sandwich is not your typical sandwich,” Orfanos said. “It seems a little simple, but when you put it together and combine all the pieces, you get the club. It has chicken and aioli sauce.”

2 Jaguar club sandwich
Jaguar Cafe – club sandwich @jamesdelgenio

Jaguar’s interior is chic and modern. What’s more, Jaguar’s back porch is spacious, inviting, and ideal for enjoying a sunny day this summer. Orfanos explained, “This is one of the reasons we got this place: the backyard.”

5 Jaguar back porch 2 1
Jaguar Cafe – back porch @jamesdelgenio

Brunch runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Orfanos insists that it’s one of Jaguar’s highlights, “This is somewhere that you must try the crepes. The Jaguar crepe is our best seller. The shrimp and lox are very popular. The sweet crepes are on another level.”

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot 2651 Jaguar Cafe Bistro Bar @jaguar nyc • Instagram photos and videos www.instagram.com
Jaguar Cafe Bistro Bar @jaguar nyc • Instagram

Nisiotis and Orfanos realize their work is far from done, and both men are constantly looking to improve the menu or add a niche offering. Orfanos explained that their goal is clear, “I hope all those ingredients work together and people come out and really enjoy it. We’re going to meet the expectations of the people that come in here. We are proud of a lot of our dishes because they are made with love.”

37-10 31st Ave. / Phone: 347.396.5796 / jaguarcafe.com