For the Love of Baklava! The Sweet Treat Astorians Adore.

Astoria, Queens is the ultimate place to go for Baklava. The diverse culture of food is what the neighborhood is known for, and Baklava is one of the many staples that both locals and visitors crave. Baklava can be described as a layered pastry filled with pistachios or walnuts deliciously drenched in syrup or honey. Think of a flakey croissant texture with nuts and honey inside. Sound sweet? It’s as sweet as the Astoria bakers who make these treats with careful dedication. Even the mildest sweet tooth can take a bite and become Baklava obsessed.

These mouth-watering desserts in Astoria are mostly Greek or Turkish, but each shop has its own unique taste. Asking the bakers, the difference between Greek and Turkish Baklava, the consensus is that there really isn’t one. This makes sense, as the consistent similarity is the pride on local baker’s faces while serving their freshly made Baklava. They know it’s good.

Victory Sweets Shop:

Image Via IG Victory Sweet Shop

Victory Sweet Shop, nestled in the heart of Astoria, New York, is renowned for its exquisite pistachios baklava, a true testament to the artistry of traditional Greek desserts. A masterpiece, the pistachio baklava at Sweet Victory Shop is a symphony of phyllo pastry layers, crafted to achieve the perfect balance of flakiness and tenderness. The filling, rich with finely chopped nuts, warm spices, and a hint of honey, imparts a delightful complexity to each bite. This divine creation pays homage to the time-honored recipes passed down through generations, capturing the essence of Greek culinary heritage. Sweet Victory Shop’s pistachios baklava is a delightful journey back in time that make this Astoria gem a cherished destination for dessert lovers.

21-69 Steinway St. / @victorysweetshop / 4.5 Google Reviews

Artion Bakery:

Artions 1
Image via Artion Bakery

Among the hundreds of desserts in Artion Bakery, the Greek Baklava at Artion is tucked in the corner of the shop like a secret stash. There are many kinds of Baklava to choose from, but the most popular is their “classic” with walnuts and eye-catching syrup that drips down the treat, perfect for a sugar-filled bite. The syrup-to-nuts ratio is about 2:1, which is good for folks who don’t want too many walnuts. This is the type of baklava to bring to a party to impress guests, served in bite-size pieces.

23-18 31st St. / @ artion.bakery.patisserie / 4.6 Google Reviews

Cafe Turkiye:

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot 2469 Cafe Turkiye Grill @cafe.turkiye • Instagram photos and videos 1
Image Cafe Turkiye Grill @cafe.turkiye • Instagram

Cafe Turkiye is a newly established Turkish Mediterranean spot known for both pastries and delicious traditional Turkish lunch and dinner foods. The staff waits on guests in a large colorful backyard with large menus of their diverse food options. Both of their pistachio and walnut Baklava pair well with their traditional Turkish tea. Both kinds of Baklava are a perfectly balanced ratio of all ingredients that would make a diner wonder if it was made in Turkey at that exact moment.

37-05 Broadway / @cafe.turkiye / 4.7 Google Reviews

Yayas Bakery:

Yayas Bakery IG

Yaya’s Bakery is the most popular and recommended bakery in Astoria, known for their Greek baklava. There are also vegan options, making it a pleasant choice that is inclusive of everyone’s dietary preferences. Yaya’s is long established in Astoria, and the atmosphere brings a historic energy. The classic baklava with walnuts has a darker, crisp color on top of the pastry with countless layers and syrup placed in a thin layer at the bottom, making it a combination of crunchy with a sweet surprise. The pistachio vegan Baklava had nuts within each layer, resembling a “dessert lasagna.” This vegan Baklava is for those who like it salty and sweet. Plant based lovers will undoubtedly be more than satisfied with this.

28-46 31st St. / 4.7 Google Reviews / @yayas.bakery.astoria

Cafe Sparrow:

Photo: Lara Visconti

Cafe Sparrow is a fairly new Turkish cafe in Astoria, tucked away in a quaint setting off of 30th Avenue. Their Pistachio Baklava is shaped differently than most that looks like more of a triangle that is filled with a green pistachio cream. This Baklava is unique and distinctive, something that surprises the tastebuds one bite in. If you want Baklava that’s not like the others, step into this modern and sleek café.

30-08 37th St. / @ cafesparrowastoria  / 5.0 Google Reviews