Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It: Getting Down With Gluten-free Grub

Going gluten-free is easier than you probably think – just hear us out. While some people abide by gluten-free diets as a personal choice, there are just as many who do so out of necessity. Thankfully, these local spots make this lifestyle so scrumptious and effortless, you won’t even be able to tell the difference. Check them out for yourself and be amazed – you may even find yourself choosing GF by the end of this!

Savage Sicko

Photo savagesickoastoria instagram


This is a Latin, vegan bistro with a super entertaining weekly drag show which is the star of Sunday brunch. Start off with their cauliflower wings and guacamole, and then feast your eyes (and appetite) on this combo: Save Shark Nachos with a bechamel tofu scramble, flautas filled with mushrooms and black bean sauce, and grilled vegetable skewers that will provide you with all your key vitamins for the day (okay, at least some). It’s the perfect meal to kick off a new, healthy eating habit!

37-10 31st Ave. / 718.433.9437


The Thirsty Koala

Image thethirstykoala instaram

We can’t talk gluten-free without mentioning this Australian-inspired restaurant. They have a dedicated section in their kitchen just for gluten-free meal preparation, and the entire staff is super knowledgeable and helpful when choosing your craving (most items are gluten-free to begin with!). No dish will disappoint, even if you’re in the mood for just a burger, because you know what? The buns are…you guessed it – gluten-free!

35-12 Ditmars Blvd. / 718.626.5430


The Bonnie

Image thebonniebar

Is a hip bar/restaurant environment with juicy entrees, an elaborate brunch, and outstanding drinks. They don’t have a dedicated gluten-free but a must try is their new Cauliflower Al Pastor dish which is gluten free!

29-12 23rd Ave. / 718.274.2105



Artisan Gastro Food and Juice

image artisanfoodandjuice instagram

You can’t go gluten-free without stopping at this new addition to our neighborhood. Their juices and wrapped up to-go meals are equally filling as they are delicious. All of their menu items are antibiotic-free and USDA and SQF certified, so you know what you’ll get for your buck. Try their Peach Agave chiller to cool down on the hottest of days, or opt for a non-alcoholic morning glory cocktail, which consists of orange, banana, and strawberry.

22-35 31st St. / 929.522.0202


Vite Vinosteria

image vitevinosteria instagram

I don’t know about you, but my biggest obstacle when considering gluten-free food was my love for pasta. Well, with this Italian joint, my concerns went out the window. They have gluten-free pasta available for most dishes, even their famous Pappardelle alla Bolognesa. They’re very accommodating and can give you that much desired, high-quality Italian meal, minus the gluten – we dare you to notice the difference.

31-05 34th St. / 718.278.8483