Profundo Day Club

One thing New Yorkers can all agree on (besides the fact that we have the best pizza) – it’s hot as hell right now. Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit poolside, cocktail in hand, summer tunes in your ear, friends on either side of you? Well, the people over at Ravel Hotel certainly thought so (thank God).


Make the above dream a reality by visiting Ravel’s “outdoor rooftop escape:” Profundo Day Club. Located right in our very own LIC, this sky-high oasis is the perfect way to spend a hot summer day. Available by reservation only, packages range from $300-$600 (not including beverage minimum) and can accommodate up to eight guests. Think about it: even with each package’s drink minimum, split between you and seven friends, you’re getting a full day of luxury, incredible views, relief from the heat, food and drink, not to mention a great tan, for less than $100. Find a better deal; we’ll wait.

For more information on this local paradise, visit or check out on Instagram.

8-08 Queens Plaza S / 718.289.6101