Not Just Another Corner Store

The wise will tell you, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” And that’s exactly the case when it comes to the Mexican food at St. James Deli. 

Located on the corner of 34th Street and 34th Avenue, what looks like your average convenience store is actually a gem hiding in plain sight. St. James Deli serves some of the most authentic food in Astoria, offering Mexican classics at an affordable price. 

The deli serves everything from tacos to tortas in a variety of ways; packed with savory meats like carnitas, chorizo, chicharron, and chicken, to name a few. For those who like options in the $4-$8 range, there are countless things to try and new tastes to explore. 

Photo André Beganski

However, the quesadillas at St. James Deli are their claim to fame and the undeniable favorite amongst locals. Crispy, crunchy and crammed with fresh toppings, they more closely resemble what people in the U.S. refer to as “tacos.” For first-time visitors, they are a perfect place to start.  

If you’re a lover of late-night bites like me, St. James Deli has you covered. They serve food 24 hours a day and the quality is incredibly consistent. It’s not uncommon to see tons of people lined up around St. James Deli in the dead of night, not long after bars and clubs have issued their last calls. 

Photo André Beganski



Finally, nothing goes better with their food than a foreign beer or soda, whether it’s a crisp bottle of Jarritos or an iced cold Sol. While you’re waiting for your order, take a look at their impressive range of imported goods and see what catches your eye 

St. James Deli is far more than just your average convenience store: it’s a local fixture of the community, serving up brag-worthy good eats that will leave you craving more. 

34-02 34th Ave. | 718.482.7835