Editor’s Pick: Bund on Broadway

I moved out of Astoria to start a new chapter in my life earlier this year, and I can honestly say I’ve had only one regret since: that I didn’t discover Bund any sooner.

One of our very last nights in the neighborhood, my girlfriend and I were craving dumplings. Seamless led us to Bund and we figured, why not? Let’s give it a shot.

We treated ourselves to their crab meat pork dumplings, pork soup dumplings, shrimp soup dumplings, crispy vegetable spring rolls, edamame, cold sesame noodles, jumbo pan-fried pork buns and scallion pancakes (don’t judge us). Oh, and by the way, this came out to less than $50. Upon the first bite, *cue angels singing.*

We spent the rest of our meal with eyes wide open in shock and joy, repeatedly saying “you have to try this” between mumbled bites. And that’s exactly what I’m saying to you, reader. You have got to try this.


They’ve got everything from dumplings to noodles galore, a wide variety of soups, vegetarian options for all you herbivores out there, and even unique desserts like matcha sesame balls stuffed with red bean paste and pan-seared pumpkin rice cake.

All dumplings, dim sum and noodles are made by hand in-house, a quality that surely played a role in allowing Bund to be the very first restaurant in NYC to recreate the original Shanghainese Pan-fried Pork Soup Dumplings.

Bund on Broadway Instagram

To try and sum up just how good Bund really is – a friend drove four hours to visit us with a cooler packed to the brim with all our favorite menu items, and it tasted as delicious and fresh as if we had just ordered it a few minutes prior.

The restaurant itself is quaint, cozy, and in a prime location right off the corner of Broadway and Crescent Street. Go pay them a visit or follow my lead and order for take-out – they even offer free delivery, so what are you waiting for?!


25-08 Broadway / 718.971.5465