KX Burger & Beyond

The Gold Burger

Welcome to KX Burger, home of the Gold Burger, can I take your order? If you’re a 90s kid, you’re probably chuckling. If you’re not, sorry, but we had better TV than you. Good news is, no matter what year you were born, the Gold Burger at KX Burger will blow your mind all the same.

Photo via kxburgerandbeyond.com / website

Photo via kxburgerandbeyond.com / website

And by the way, the name’s not a metaphor attempting to brag about how good it is. We’re talking literal gold here, people: an 8 oz. beef patty covered in 24K gold leaves, caramelized onions, Velveeta cheese, white truffle mayo, all sandwiched in between a 24K golden leaf-coated bun with white truffle mayo fries on the side. With this $75, never-been-done-before burger, you’ll literally be eating like a king/queen.
While this meal is certainly a show stopper, we can’t forget about the rest of their insane menu, like their 16 other unique burger twists, quesadillas for every craving, a huge salad variety and even homemade soup options. But let’s be honest; you’re about to get your Bruno Mars on and get yourself some 24K magic, aren’t you?

29-04 Ditmars Blvd. | 646.606.4835 | @kxburger