Fresh Cedar: Take your Spring Cleaning to a whole new level

We’ve all been there: finally reach the end of the work week and instead of relaxing, you whip out your list of weekend errands, with arguably the most common (and most dreadful) being cleaning. Thankfully, family-owned-and-operated cleaning service, Fresh Cedar, is determined to give their clients that free time back.

The Hawari family of five has been cleaning homes throughout Manhattan for 15 years, but there’s nothing like a global pandemic to motivate people to call on experts in the cleaning industry. Thus, Fresh Cedar, a completely multiservice business (seriously, there’s nothing they won’t do), was born.

Not only will they come to any location, fully equipped with their own supplies, but they even offer full car cleaning/detailing without having you leave the comfort of your home. They’ll come straight to you and pick up your vehicle, bring it to their designated service location and drop it back off afterward. Or, if you have a garage/driveway, they’ll clean your car right then and there and leave it looking brand new.

Leaders of the pack, Alba and Ali, hail from Venezuela and Lebanon and moved to the US to provide for their three daughters: Amal, Zeinab and Noura. The origin of their business name is a direct reflection of their heritage, work ethic, values and dedication to their skills. The cedar tree is an ancient symbol in Lebanese history representing power and longevity. “The trees have a great aromatic scent to them along with its’ incredibly strong lasting wood. The evergreen color symbolizes our work as we believe in protecting our climate and which is why we offer/suggest environmentally safe green products to clients…we liked that it also resembles the ‘Little Tree’ car air freshener pine tree, and we thought how it makes sense, as we believe in everything to be fresh, green, and overall clean.”

Call on Fresh Cedar today and help them make your life easier while making the world greener.


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