We’re Truly Sorry If You Haven’t Been to Psari, Yet

As we all know, Astoria is essentially one, giant smorgasbord, with Greek cuisine probably taking the cake in terms of popularity. Now, if you like Greek food, it’s safe to say you like seafood, and if you like seafood, but you haven’t been to Psari yet, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

Located right near the 36th Avenue subway stop, this restaurant’s menu pretty much offers everything under the sea. Start your meal off right, be it lunch or dinner, with any one of their countless appetizers, like raw oysters or clams, grilled octopus, smelts, fried calamari and Maryland crab cake.

For your entrée, good luck deciding between their salmon, swordfish steak, bronzino, black sea bass, scallops, stuffed shrimp scampi, lobster tails…sorry, that turned into a bit of a daydream for us there; I’d keep going but I think I’d need another page or two (literally).

Now if by some chance you’re NOT crazy about seafood (what’s wrong with you?), don’t worry – Psari offers an equally delicious selection of land dishes ranging from lamb chops, to T-bone steak, to grilled chicken or pork as well as a variety of refreshing salads.

Don’t forget to pair your meal with one of their many wine options, curated from all over the world and ready to wash down whatever dish you choose that day. Last but not least, you can wrap up your dining experience with Psari’s signature galaktoboureko, a custard and phyllo dessert that they generously offer as compliments of the house!

32-10 36th Ave. LIC, NY 11106 | 718.786.6015 | psari_restaurant.com