Comfort Food: Milkshakes from Burgerology

Cookie Doughnut Monstrosity Shake

Of course, all these foods need an adequate chaser. Thankfully, Burgerology (31-29 Ditmars Blvd) has Astoria’s best milkshakes that may as well be their own meal! Pictured here is their Cookie Doughnut Monstrosity Shake. This 23oz. beast is made with vanilla ice cream mixed with homemade cookie dough pieces and glazed doughnut chunks. It’s topped with chocolate syrup and coated with a thin layer of cookie crisp. Stop in for a treat; Halloween season doesn’t have to be over yet! $18 (regular size: $13).

Don’t forget to give thanks to the melting-pot that is Astoria; thanks to the restaurants that coddle us when our loved ones are far away (or social distancing); and thanks for all the delicious foods made available to us every day of the year.