Yummy Fall Pho Flavors for District Saigon

District Saigon

But we can’t forget about District Saigon and their delicious Vietnamese pho. For those of you who do not know what it is it is a fresh rice noodle soup, stock, and a protein of your choice (usually beef), that comes with bean sprouts, basil and jalapeños on the side.

We may not be able to enjoy this beautiful restaurant’s ambience, but we may as well try to envision it with Chef Lam’s flavors. District Saigon’s chef is committed to more traditional flavors, and actually uses his grandmother’s secret recipe.

One of my personal favorite entrees is their Double Trouble– ½ spicy lemongrass pho and ½ pulled pork banh mi (a delicious Vietnamese sandwich).

If you are there for lunch, you’ll simply have to order some of their “Street Snacks” appetizers. District Saigon offers spring rolls, summer rolls and an adventurous order of chicken wings and taro fries that are gluten free!

No matter what kind of flavors you are after, or your dietary preferences, our friends will surely have something to satisfy your taste buds and more! Treat yourself with these yummy noodle soups!