Looking To Buy A Space Shuttle Food Truck? Now Might Be Your Chance!


Looking to make a big change this year? Perhaps you might be interested in this space shuttle food truck for sale, based in Astoria!

You likely have seen this interesting find around the neighborhood in recent months. Its owner has listed it for sale on EBay for $149,000 for those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime find. The food truck is complete with cockpit, commercial kitchen, and restroom.

According to its listing, the food truck was “constructed from the fuselage of a DC-3 airliner built in 1944 and flown during WWII and later as a commercial airliner on the East Coast.  The plane itself has a storied history as it was hijacked to Havana Cuba, then back  in the USA towards the late ‘60 and because of its intrinsic value was saved from the demolition in 1976 and converted into a road worthy vehicle”.

If you become the next lucky owner of this, please be sure to let the team at Give Me Astoria know!