Astoria Pool To Open August 1st!

Photo via NYC Parks (@nycparks) Instagram.

Fifteen outdoor swimming pools are scheduled to open up within the five boroughs including our very own in Astoria starting August 1st.

Originally Mayor Deblasio had announced that due to the corona virus and the $2 billion in cuts to the new city budget, that city pools would fall amongst the casualties of programs that would not be reopening for the summer. It was said that closing the pools would have saved the city up to $12 million. However, in a recent agreement between the mayor and city council, they have decided to reverse this decision and have restored millions to the parks department budget.

Over $5 million will go towards the hiring of around 716 lifeguards and pool staff. Deblasio has stated that they have chosen to focus on reopening pools in areas that have been hit hardest by the virus and are furthest from the beaches. Lucky for us, Astoria Pool falls in this category.

There will likely be new restrictions such as continuing to wear masks when outside the pool and of course social distancing. At least it allows the kids and members of the community a chance to cool off from the heat and gives us something to look forward to this summer.