Damn, that’s good: introducing Astoria’s own Damn That Burns!

What happens when you take your passion for flavor and turn it into a business? No one knows for sure, but be sure to ask Daniel Burns and Ryan Golden as they rise to the top of the hot sauce game. Trust us, you’ll be seeing them around!

Combining their love for hot sauce with their business expertise, Burns and Golden made the decision to begin bottling and selling their homemade hot sauce. Inspiration came from their love of spicy food, particularly Indian food, and noticing that there was not a hot sauce market tailored to Indian food; thus, Damn That Burns, LLC was born.


Image via Damn That Burns (@damnthatburns) Instagram.

Since its inception, Damn That Burns has been featured and showcased as part of New York food festivals from Poughkeepsie to Garden City and, of course, Astoria. Damn That Burns currently has three flavors for sale: Pineapple Scotch Bonnet, Peach Thai Chili, and Blueberry Maple Bonnet, with the Pineapple Scotch Bonnet being the brand’s best-seller so far.

As Astoria residents, the minds behind Damn That Burns wanted to keep the business as in the neighborhood as possible. Currently, the duo bottle their delicious hot sauce at The Entrepreneur Space, located on 37th St. & 36th Ave. They also are selling their hot sauces to local vendors such as Astoria Bier & Cheese and Urban Market LIC.

Image via Damn That Burns (@damnthatburns) Instagram.

Currently, Damn That Burns is strictly online and ships worldwide. The duo plans to expand to include vendors throughout the city, and nationwide. For more information on Damn That Burns, you may visit their official website, in addition to their official Instagram page