Kōyō is set to serve a specialty Christmas & New Year’s Eve menu in Astoria!

Still looking to make those perfect holiday plans? Look no further than Kōyō! Kōyō, Astoria’s newest sushi and kaiseki-inspired omakase experience is offering a special menu for both Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Kōyō is an intimate, jewel-box restaurant helmed by its Executive Chef, Darry Liu. Chef Liu perfected his sushi skills working alongside acclaimed Masa alums Jimmy Lau and Nick Kim at Neta and Shuko, in addition to Chef Eiji Ichimura from the two Michelin-starred Uchū Sushi Bar.  

At Kōyō, Chef Liu uses the highest-quality ingredients sourced from the Fukuoka and Toyosu market, where the famed Tsukiji market relocated to in Japan. Diners can expect delicious offerings of the following items listed for both Christmas & New Year’s Eve:

  • Sakizuke: Botan Ebi, uni, caviar and egg yolk aioli 
  • Zensai: Seasonal sashimi, shirako tempura and dashi braised shiro baigai (Japanese Ivory Shell) 
  • Mushimono: Shiitake, gingko nut, okra and chawanmushi 
  • Takiawase: A5 Wagyu with seasonal vegetables and goma dare sauce 
  • Sunomono: Tai Ankimo (monkfish liver) with ponzu, gomaae and hanaho 
  • Nigiri: Seasonal Selections
  • Mizumono: Neri Goma gelato with white chocolate snow and persimmon jelly

For those interested, the Kōyō holiday menu is priced at $160 per person. Diners also have the opportunity to try selection of unique sakes including Tamagawa’s Time Machine 1712, a non-charcoal filtered sake aged in a bourbon barrel. Seatings will be at 5:30PM and at 8PM for each evening. For any additional information, you may visit Kōyō’s website here