Experience quality care for your furry friend at Vivi Pet Care!

For our beloved pet owners: as you likely already know, a pet is an immediate member of your family. They remain by your side through all of life’s ups, downs, and in-between everyday moments. So, when it comes to pet care, you won’t settle for just anybody grooming your pet. And Viviane Matano, the owner of Vivi Petcare, just so happens to agree.

Image via Vivi Petcare (@vivipetcare) Instagram.

With over a decade of experience as a professional pet stylist, Matano aims to bring both comfort and quality grooming catered specifically to each pet’s needs. The staff at Vivi’s Petcare specialize in grooming, washing, nail cutting, and much more.

Image via Vivi Petcare (@vivipetcare) Instagram.

Located at 31-05 21st Ave., Vivi Petcare offers a healthy and safe experience to our furry friends. To ensure the health of all pets, they ask that in order to provide services such as grooming, boarding, or day care, each individual pet owner must provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations for the following: rabies, distemper, and bordetella.

Image via Viviane Matano.

Vivi Petcare’s most popular services among customers include grooming, which entails a bath, haircut, nail clipping, anal gland care, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning. Other services include doggy daycare, as well as boarding for longer stays.

Wishing continued success and the best of luck to Vivi Petcare! For more specific information on Vivi Petcare and its services, you may visit their website here as well as their Instagram page here.

Image via Vivi Petcare (@vivipetcare) Instagram.

Where: 31-05 21st Ave.
Phone: 718-440-9902
Hours: Monday-Friday: 7AM – 7:30PM
Saturday: 8AM – 6PM
Website: http://vivipetcare.com/