Swing into summer at The Social!

With the warmer weather in town and summer around the corner, a post-office happy hour is surely in season. Thankfully, Astoria has an abundance of cocktail bars, restaurants, and lounges certain to cater to anyone and everyone.

That being said, for those in search of a spot featuring all of the essentials: drinks, cool cocktails for the Insta feed, delicious bites and a laid-back atmosphere, look no further than The Social. Officially opened last month, the new 30th Ave. storefront prides itself on its wide-ranging tapas & drinks menu.

Maduro Chicken Empanadas at The Social

Its menu ranges from vegetarian-friendly options, such as its variety of salads, zucchini chips, and vegetable potstickers to more carnivorous options such as the maduro chicken empanadas (my personal favorite), mini meatballs and lobster tacos. The prices are fair in terms of the quality and presentation of the food, and range from $9 to $18, with the only $18 dish being the lobster tacos.

As for the drinks, I decided to stick with the highly-recommended East Side ($14) which combines gin, cucumber, mint and lime; a perfectly refreshing cocktail ideal for this much-loved time of the year. Other options recommended options include The Mule ($14), comprised of vodka, ginger, lime, and watermelon, as well as the Cash Only ($14) made from tequila, lime, honey, and cucumber.

The Mule and Cheesecake Cones at The Social

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth craving? The Social has got that, too! The fan favorite is the Cheesecake Cones ($8) with, you guessed it, a cheesecake filling in a dulce de leche cone. Other dessert choices include the social brownie and strawberry shortcake, both priced at $8.

Refreshing drinks + delicious tapas = count us in!