Curb your coffee craving at Cascara Coffee & Tea

Astoria, much like many other NYC neighborhoods, is slowly but surely experiencing the influx of larger-name brands and chain stores into the area. To some, the addition of chain corporations is welcomed and signifies Astoria’s place as a hotspot within the city. To others, the issue becomes more sensitive—what happens to the ‘mom and pop’ shops, or the smaller establishments for which it becomes difficult to keep up with the demand and pace of an international business?

Cascara coffee

Cascara Coffee & Tea, opened in November 2018, is the remedy for those who fear Astoria may lose its community feel. Walk in and immediately feel at ease, with the smell of fresh coffee brewing and the sounds of the likes of Bob Marley and The Beatles playing on the store’s record player.

Cascara menu

Located at 31-19 Newtown Avenue, Cascara Coffee & Tea was inspired by owner Milton’s own experience in the service industry and wanting to establish a space in Astoria, which he has called home for over 6 years, to give back to a community in which he felt he belonged immediately. And he’s certainly translated that sentiment into the atmosphere of the store—within minutes I felt as if this had been my go-to coffee shop for years. I watched as Milton catered not only to myself, but to regulars of Cascara to whom he genuinely took the time to speak and answer any questions.

Courtesy of Instagram: Cascara Coffee and Tea Astoria

Cascara offers a wide variety of caffeinated beverages, from the classic Americano and Espresso to Matcha drinks, a delicious hot chocolate, and teas for sensible prices. To accompany your beverage of choice, Cascara also has Balthazar pastries such as cheddar and chive scones and croissants, among many other tasty options.

If you value quality customer service, fresh and not overpriced coffee, and good music, make Cascara Coffee & Tea your next stop. I know I will.

Cascara pastries


Where: 31-19 Newtown Avenue
Phone: 718-606-8606
Hours: Mon-Sat, 8:00AM-4:30PM
Email: [email protected]

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