Create On Ditmars Re-Opens After Health Violation Closure

Health restaurant Create, on 29-21 Ditmars Blvd., has reopened its doors after the Department of Health closed them down on July 18th after a failed inspection.

The restaurant had received a staggering 60 sanitary violation points for infractions, according to Astoria Post.  

Have you had a bad experience at Create, Ditmars?

The most critical violations, as described by the inspector were;

  • Hot food items were not held at or above 140º F.
  • Cold food item were held above 41º F (smoked fish and reduced oxygen packaged foods above 38 ºF) except during necessary preparation.
  • Filth flies or food/refuse/sewage-associated (FRSA) flies present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas. Filth flies include house flies, little house flies, blow flies, bottle flies and flesh flies. Food/refuse/sewage-associated flies include fruit flies, drain flies and Phorid flies.

The other violations found were;

  • Food was not protected from potential source of contamination during storage, preparation, transportation, display or service.
  • Wiping cloths soiled or not stored in sanitizing solution.
  • Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.
  • Plumbing not properly installed or maintained; anti-siphonage or backflow prevention device not provided where required; equipment or floor not properly drained; sewage disposal system in disrepair or not functioning properly.

Create reopened on Friday. The restaurant is known for serving health conscious meals, such as Quiona bowls, Acai bowls, sandwiches and salads. 


*Featured Image Via Google Maps