Food Emporium Coming To Astoria

With the closure of the old C-Town store on Broadway and 29th Street last year, Astorians can now hopefully enjoy the new Food Emporium which is slated to open in it’s place.

Image: Jeanmarie Evelly/DNAinfo

Image: Jeanmarie Evelly/DNAinfo

The Food Emporium will be on the ground floor of a new apartment building. The building will be taking the C-Town corner. The supermarket is scheduled to open in 2017, according to a sign posted on the site. Along with the supermarket there will be a five story and 64 apartment building above. The supermarket will offer free parking, along with an array of options which they are known for.

For many Astorians, Astoria has slowly become a hot spot for upgrades and development. However, the new Food Emporium will be owned and operated by the same family which owned C-Town.

With 30 years of business in the neighborhood behind them, the family used Facebook to let the community know they are staying put.

“We are coming back as a Food Emporium! Same family and familiar faces.” A post on the C-Town Facebook page read by the owners. The post shows hope that the Astoria community will stand by the family after many were saddened by the closure of C-Town.

The project is being developed by Jestam Realty LLC while the Food Emporium brand is now owned by Key Foods.