Honor The Victims Of 9/11 Tonight, In Astoria

This week, New Yorkers and Americans alike, will once again come together to honor and pay tribute to those that were lost, 15 years ago on 9/11, in the coordinated attacks on the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, the Pentagon outside Washington, DC and on the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Shanksville, PA.

The week will see boroughs hosting a litany of memorial services, concerts, tributes, candlelight vigils and more.

Image Via Timesledger.com

Image Via Timesledger.com

For those who wish to come and join the memorial service in Astoria, you and your loved ones are welcome to McManus Memorial Park.

There the United Community Civic Association’s annual 9/11 memorial candlelight vigil will begin at 7:30PM and end at 9:30PM tonight, Thursday, September 8th. 

The community will be joined by representatives from the 114th and 115th precincts, the Port Authority, Department of Corrections and the Fire Department.

The McManus Memorial Park is located on the corner of 81st Street and Grand Central Parkway service road.

There will be candles, given to all guests who attend. It is times like this that we as a people come together to honor those who fell, and to celebrate their lives.