The ‘Donutccino’ Takes Over NYC


We live in a world of hybrids. No longer satisfied with the singular version of something, we simply put two things together and enjoy. The cronut for example has been just that kind of hybrid that will that food lovers to another level. But now, we think we've found a level even the Cronut inventor didn't know about. 

The donutccino consists of iced coffee – made with Gossip's New Orleans cold brew coffee (half-and-half and with maple syrup) and enveloped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles, and the crown jewel itself, a donut that hangs on its straw. Deliciousness and all the things that are good in the world right there in your hand. 

The one size fits all new addition is only $6.50 and worth every penny, and you can find them being made Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

So if you feel the need to try out an explosion of flavors on a level of hybrid unsurpassed, than pop down to Gossip Coffee today. 


Donuts for the straws at @gossipcoffee

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Bon Appetite Astoria! 

Where: Gossip Coffee – 3704 30th Ave

Phone: (718) 440-8792

*Featured Image Credit: Samantha Liebman/1010 WINS