Farmer’s Market Coming To Steinway Street For The Summer!


High school student staffed and selling produce from more than two dozen farms – most based in New York state – a new Farmer's Market will open this summer on Steinway Street between Ditmars Boulevard and 23rd Avenue, according to DNAinfo. 

The market is run by nonprofit GrownNYC and will commence July – every Saturday – through to November. 

The market will have all the goodies we can expect from a farmer's market; vegetables, eggs, mapel syrup, fruits and other delicious produce. 

The student who are set to staff the Youthmarket will also be taking the opportunity to learn various things about not only farms and farming industries, but also small business practices and cooking demonstrations. 

The Ditmars Park Youthmarket hours of operations will be:

Saturdays – 9 AM to 4 PM – July 9th to November 19th. 

It isn't the only farmers market to hit Astoria, with one at Socrates Sculpture Park, being one of the most popular, and another on 14th Street and 31st Avenue. 

The community seems to be happy about the third location, with many stating that it would not only be great for the neighborhood, but also for the youth who will no doubt gain quite the experience needed for future careers. 


*Featured Image Via Heather Holland/DNAinfo