Rise & Shine With The Help Of Kinship Coffee Cooperative


We rise and we attempt to shine, for most of us, it is one of many innate tasks that we perform throughout the day — the shining.

For others, and mostly everyone here at the GMA family, we need a little and quite often, an extra boost to get all cylinders firing in the morning and to get out and shine. In a bustling neighborhood that is ever changing and adjacent to the City That Never Sleeps, it is challenging to get a few solid hours of REM sleep, and, if we are lucky enough to catch those zzz’s, the second challenge to the equation ensues— not just waking up but being a productive member of society a.k.a adulting.

Fortunately for us, our cries and moans were heard and answered by Kinship Coffee Cooperative, for many of us, our barista’s are the first faces we see and the first conversation we have for the day. In a sense your stop to get your caffeine fix will set the mood for the day so why not make it a pleasurable one?

This little neighborhood coffee spot will give you everything you are looking for in a coffee house, the baristas are unbelievably friendly and will remember your face and most importantly, your coffee. If you are looking for a little nosh to go with your coffee, Kinship Coffee has an assortment of fresh pastries every day to compliment your favorite iced or hot beverage. So, the next time you are in the mood to wake up or cozy up with a book, stop into Kinship.


Where: 30-5 Steinway St, Astoria


*Featured Image Credit: Dave H/Yelp