It’s All About The Roommate


This is My Roommate, is a web series that takes place in Astoria, and stars two actual roommates – and actors –  Russell Daniels (Awesome 80s Prom, That Bachelorette Show) and Jacklyn Collier (I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway, Awesome 80s Prom and My Big Gay Italian Funeral).

The comedy/real life series is loosely based on their lives and is a look into a couple of thirty something year olds as they struggle through the ups and downs of New York living. 

The first episode sees the duo in their Astoria abode, interviewing potential roommates to take the third space. We even get to see quite possibly the ugliest and barely livable bathroom in New York. 

The show is quite heartfelt and witty, and is a little glimpse into the life of the thirty year old New Yorker as they stumble their way through love, life and Queens. 

Directed by Andrew Neary, you can find the show on YouTube. Season 1 is still in production and episode 2 has already been released. 

For more information and to watch the first episodes, check out