Are The Steinway Jingles Causing Problems?


It's that time of the year again. The weather is…..not quite there, but the spirit is. The Christmas trees are up, the stores are decorated and the carolers will soon be caroling. However before they begin, the Holiday jingles have started to echo past the patrons of Steinway between 28th and 35th avenues.

Speakers, on street lamps and trees along the street, can be heard for quite a ways as season songs have caused a little bit of a split in the crowd. Some have enjoyed the music, and happily go on their merry way to and fro, while others have called it 'annoying' and 'too loud'

It's a tradition in Astoria, and one that's been going on for the last 20 years. The music is played on repeat every day from 11AM  to 7PM.

Steinway Astoria Partnership member Marie Torniali has hoped that the tradition will get people 'into the spirit'. She stated that the music once played till 9PM, however after complaints from residents that occupied the apartments above the businesses, they changed the end time to 7PM. 

Some of the songs on the repeat playlist include; White Christmas, Jingle Bells and All I Want For Christmas Is You. 

Although there have been the usual complaints from residents and business owners, the majority of people can be seen with smiles on their faces, and say that it's 'lovely to listen to' as one resident said. 


*Featured Image Credit: Jeanmarie Evelly/DNAinfo