Keep Up With Train Schedules This Weekend


The weather's clearing up quite nicely this week, which means this weekend will be full of people coming and going. So before we get caught out at the train station for a few hours, take a look at some changes to the N, and visit the MTA site for further information about other lines that may cause grief. 

N Train:

N Astoria-bound trains run via the Q from DeKalb Av to Canal St. From 11:45PM Friday to 5AM Monday, December 11th – 14th. December 18th – 21st. December 25th – 28th. 

No Asoria-bound N service at Jay St-MetroTech, Court, Whitehall, Rector, Cortlandt Sts and City hall. Use nearby 4 stations instead. 


Other lines that will be disrupted this weekend are:

4, 6, A, C, D, F, L and R. 

For further details on these lines, please visit the MTA site


*Featured Image Via DNAinfo